Kinship Gangs Mafia Nepotism

peaky blinder

I’ve been watching my new favorite show. It’s set in the 1920’s England (of course). Much like game of thrones I might love these things because they are British something I simply can’t find in Britian.

Peaky Blinders is about a family and gives a lot insight into how the world use to work not that long ago and still does in Eastern and other parts of Europe.

I’ll try to break this down a bit.

The family can only trust family (Kin). They have a large enough male family to set up an illegal betting shop. One person for every job. The strong desire to act as one entitiy (A family unit) rather then out for themselves. They parlay this into a legal bet shop by killing people. This is enabled by some kind of challenge. Once they get a substantial money pot they branch into the vice at the time thanks to prohibition gin and car building mostly for the governemnt. A governemnt that uses and enables them to keep some sort of balance. You kill this gang you get a licence to do bussiness here or this government contract now only about the money. I don’t want to ruin the end but it’s fitting.

In the show two rival families end up joining (Via Marriage) to end the war and make both stronger asset/power wise. This would work to solve current problems along these lines.

The modern day equivilent of this would be a bank loan or government mafia grant. We wait for people to retire rather then killing them or well other things. Everything else is mearly a bit more civilised with kin networks growing to race and counrty. The world still operates in it’s not what you know it’s who you know mode. Like politicians particularly heads of groups getting high profile jobs in that industry. Nepotism is somewhat common.

In the US you get wifes acting as lobists. Retired senaters starting a farm for the grant. Farmers get paid to produce enough crop to feed the entire country and then destory it.

Half the problem here is poor semi criminal economies that run off government hand outs and employ shit. The US separates the poor and rich here we have one high street were you must mingle amoung the poor or only one large shopping mall/centre for a large area which is the sad but pefered high street replacement.

Outbreeding has enabled us to trust corporations, banks and places of employment in the US Europe is still socialist and untrusted. Really everything was nationalised to ration it after Germany blew everything to shit.

Jews and former mafia that used thier money to by high profile positions still operate this way. Supposed upper crust more kin then norm. If you went through the boards of say the top 10 largest firms you find the same four famillies own everything.

Anyway if your looking for a Cristmass box set or interesting gift I strongly recomend it.

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