Going out vs the net

how couples met
Facebook just an online phone?
Is it keeping people at home?
Are smart phones keeping people at home?
Most internet activity is done via the phone.
Is lack of money keeping people at home?
I was once stunned by the premise of those going out only on pay day (poor)
Do millennials think other millennials are so shit they don’t wish to date?
Self partnered seems a bit permanent(perspective).Never settle would be a reason and seem more of a temporary idea based on the dating pool
What goes on in London seems to revolve entirely around drugs. Thugs they call police are worse then the criminals they don’t go after. But then again why lock up 100,000 at £50,000 year who are gone in a week. All of this around government hand outs.
Outside of temperature submergence new years (Winter) events (Summer). Most people don’t go out. Friends tend to met up around birthdays which tend to be the start of spring or winter there is a right month to concieve and get married.
Most people end up doing the work thing simply because it is convenient. Or paid by.

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