Vive la révolution

Vive la France

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Emmanuel Macron

Emmanuel Macron

Only in it for the glory. To be a face. To be name.

Puppet of the establishment (Local and EU)

Hollande Jr

This appears to be the most superficial election ever. A cult of personality. He doesn’t need wine. He’s drunk on his own majesty.

Ask him to stop using the nazi salute that doesn’t go well.

Does he even have a coherent paper platform?

Not serious. Untried and untested.

Can you name his accomplishments?


That’s a problem isn’t it.

It’s very hard not get really personal on him.

No more scandals! Catholicism is France is dead. Morn it.

What is Macron going to do?

We simply don’t know! (je ne sais quoi)

People like him. Seems like a good guy BUT this is an election a vote forprom Queen.

You are being massacred and electing a little girl is not the solution. You need to elect a grown woman. You need to elect Marine Le Pen.

You should never have to pray for you country.

Blocking the international media is deeply troubling. When other
international news organizations criticize him what will happen? Somethings are just pure Evil. Like the EU taking Le Pen immunity away because they don’t like her. This is fucking with freedom and that is notok. Geopolitics is not a school yard scrap.

PS: I praise the French media for covering all the candidates fairly. That is a very big deal that leads to multiple views being expressed by the voters. The other candidates strong showings are no small feat.

PPS: Riots after a democratic election. What the fuck?

PPPS: Even if he is a puppet this was still the total annihilation of the main parties.



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