Franc discussion

Frexit finance

The Swiss did very well in leaving the Euro. There is no reason France won’t do much better.

The EU budget has a massive hole in it. QE is not sustainable.

Greece is forcing the EU to bail it out because it’s basically free money. Why would they not?

There will be some kind of market correction of course.

They would need to set up a central bank or hell they could join China or even us. It would pay off long. Surprise every event so those lot can’t schedule shorts.

The EU would be done. Over. They would be in EUMED. Thus one of the strongest forces in Europe.

I don’t see why German wants to bail out France and foreign aid the rest of Europe.

I mean really Germany can be fucked into the ground worse then anyone else at any time.

Money is not a drug. Please stop treating it like one.


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