Moderate Isabel is Healthy Isabel

Bouncy pinball Isabel was doing too much then burnt out into less motivated not Isabel creature.

Any change to your live takes 3 months to adjust to (longer with avoidance) one of the many reasons I hate London it changes too much. I really don’t know why this is not common knowledge though most know children are not meant to move homes.

I stopped reading the specie probably around the time she disappeared.

Was she married? I did tell her she was losing it not sure what date. Said she lost it a long time ago.

The running and horse riding are escapes. Which might be important. Making a life you don’t need to escape from would be better. Moderate normal exercise is good for everything. Maybe she should move to a better country.

The money from that post was given to the Heads Together campaign which has the support of the royal family. Sure it raises awareness. Better if the real problems were fixed. We really really care about this. Throw some money at it. Go get in line. When the NHS advise that they are shit it’s because they are.


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