May seeks Mandate

I don’t know what the election mayifesto will be.

I know we will get a better deal then we would have otherwise.

I do think it’s a great idea to put forth the options for the method in which we

leave the EU to voters.

I think it’s sameful the parties can’t unite around the voters decision to leave the EU. We get the best deal now. You can try your other shit another time.

I was trying to think of the best way to mark Tony Blair’s aniversy. The complete and total enilation of the labour party will do.

The Lib dem slogan should be “real opposition”

The Tories “Get the job done”

UKIP should hit hard and now

Migrants lose benifts

End HS2

UKIP vote is complicated there are places they keep the tories/labour out. Somone told me UKIP helped the tories win that way.


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