Warmongering Military Dictatorship (WMD)

That what America is now?

This is not insane this is blowing up insane because it’s not crazy enough.

This is shooting a cops wife while he has a gun pointed at you.

Impeach him!

I was very close to going against the trial yesterday.

Not after I saw this blatant hypocrisy

Anyone that is not true to their word should not be taken seriously.

No question it violates US and international law.

This is grounds for all kinds of legal action against the President.






Mcmaster and Mattis will come forth and be tried for dereliction of duty.

There is no reason to put men and women in harm’s way for oil pipelines, or whatever nonsense that is military industrial complex thinks they need to do to get in the middle east. There are no interests in the middle east.

There is no cause for war. I can’t believe we are going through this nonsense again.

The military are increasing their force structures to the degree that there is no strategy whatsoever. Regime change isn’t a strategy. This is just like more Europe but more boom.

The President needs to understand, if he goes to war, that’s his problem and there will be major blowback domestically. The military is not prepared for this type of war. Generals have no idea what they’re doing.

More forces and artillery were placed there over the weekend.

They are creating a dichotomy of two messages to muddy the water and cause purposeful confusion.

Boris should also be forced to resign.

This was a red news flash on every news site there is. He’s not even important enough to be mentioned. All articles rightly going with British plan.


Hundreds are killed every year in every 3rd world country. Just wants to build a pipeline for their oil.


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