Never mind the Boris

Boris Poodle

As a minmoster he states the official position of the government.

More so because he is the foreign secretary.

I don’t think Trump realizes this is not twitter or a TV show and that he responsible for the lives of millions. Or that America has done much worse. On the border wall of hypocrisy. It’s a country not a family discussion at dinner after watching fox news.

America fails to understand or care what goes on in our side of the ocean unless
it involves Saudi Arabia (Money).

I’d recommend a staffing change for more experience but Bannon clearly went

We talked about America using it military dominance once it lost it’s economic
years ago. Look now picking fights with China and Russia and then calling them
bullies. You don’t get to tell anyone what to do with those that are not even
allowed to visit America. America fucked up Europe the governments here are

inept their reactions caused by the US are tantamount to taking advantage of a

mentally challenged child and a crime against their people.

If Assad had lots of “predator” drones armed with “Hell Fire” missiles I’m sure

he would rather use them. Assad doesn’t wake up in the morning throw a dart at

map then gas it, neither does America when it does the same or worse in Iraq.

You will notice that even gas doesn’t hinder them. The rebels have torn Syria in

two. If Assad is guilty of anything it’s not sorting it out sooner probaly only

because you were there.

If Russia did to America what (NATO) America has done to Russia. What would

I think Putin is being extremely patient. Mostly he because he understands

certain circumstances.

I have said before and will say again. It is not our place to tell other places

how to live. We don’t even have it right.

You could show me a video of Assad eating a rebel baby I’d still say this.

I’d think it wrong because it is but I’d still say that. Because I don’t say one

thing and do another.

Political ideology means fuck all when you can’t walk down oxford street

because a truck might run you over.

I’d vote for Kim Jung Un before I’d vote for a tory.

We talked about this years ago. US adjustment to decline (Been deleted lol)

What did Russia do to India. Boris wife is from there also. Seems personal.



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