The case for Fradieu

Yes I like frexit but that is English France should be French and Catholic.

You’ve been hung out to dry.


We have to save France because they make brie. I like brie on my Carrs crackers.They also produce make up which makes females more attractive. But mostly for the cheese.


Secondary they are Germany’s Bitch. That is important because Germany is nothing with out their bitch.

Nazi Bitch

Lets try a hand at foreign propaganda.


If you where in Paris for the world cup you would have heard this.

The case for deportugal.

That’s them cheering for their 1 nil goal against you.

(3rd world country looks and is better then London)

The political history of France

There is Sarkozy. When he was no busy hanging out with his mate Obama he was banging his hot wife.Taking occasional breaks to poke the PM for not bailing out the Euro zone. He had to do these things because he was Germany’s Bitch.


Then there is Hollande he is not Germany’s bitch which is good. But he did over tax the rich and send them to London (Merci). He doesn’t like the EU because the migrants they raise in Paris on French benefits go to play soccer in the UK (Yes really). He also is not capable of shaking hands.

They had a referendum on the EU.


The EU lost the EU always loses.

France changed the name of the treaty and signed it anyway.

I don’t know why the French don’t find this unacceptable.

We joined the EEC by 112 votes. Was there a recount?

I also don’t understand why you vote for the other party in the last round.

The political future “of Brussels”

Really Macaroni?

More of the same!

This guy oversaw your worse then shit economy


He is being funded solely by those escaping French taxing in London.

FN will lower the tax more!

He thinks you are Belgian. Says there is ‘no such thing’ as French culture

Stressed his “common ground” with German Chancellor Angela Merkel

I think the main problem with the “far right” is that they speak the truth.

“Paris will scrap the British border controls in Calais” allowing thousands of migrants to cross the Channel and thereby transferring the Jungle camp to Kent.

Ignoring that’s a really shitty thing to do. It’s breaking a signed agreement.

“this Europe….may continue to disintegrate”

FN will remove EU sanctions on French farms. (Russia)

Part of me wants you to stay in so Vivendi goes out of business.

But this is not about me. This is about Germany.

I don’t really know anything about FN or Marie Le Penn. But we need her to save the cheese make up and France.

Most of what is wrong with France like here they did to themselves.

So France now is your time don’t surrender.(as is your way)

We have thrown the first stone

You have have stone in your hand

Throw it. Throw it hard. Throw it now.


PS: If it looks like you are going to lose the last round promise to leave the EU (No referendum) + deport migrants and then call an election (After a really short period of time) It about leaving the EU right?

PPS: Russia should pay for some kind of really controversial upsetting TV ad. Recent tragic events and “Referendum betrayal”. One about economics with lots of young

French and migrants complaining about their situation (Probably find old clips of that) “Why have you done this to us?” Both on youtube so western media picks them up.

(English sub titles) Basically the goal is embarrass France in the eyes of the world and upset the French.

Pay Cameron to make a speech. They pissed all over him.


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