Actual Game of Thrones Castles

Real life history

The Wall



Castle Black

Castle black Carlisle_Castle


Eastwatch by the sea


Craster’s keep

The wall has a more forts then anywhere beyond counting. They really really did not like the wildlings (Scottish)


Real Life =

Winterfell York Castle

In the show


Built to secure dominance for Kings Landing (London)


Dread Fort

The_Dreadfort castle-bolton-

Is actually called Bolton


Moat Cailin

The island can be visited by boat, or at low tide via a long causeway from the mainland. It was a monastery.


Casterly Rock

Casterly rock Lancaster castle



Horn Hill

House Tarly

(Vassal of High Garden)

To protect High Garden (The farms [food])

The only battle House Baratheon (Robert) lost


High Garden

House Tryell were the servants of house Targaryen. They killed the house before that.



It controls a strategic passage through the Purbeck Hills. If the Targaryen’s had not destroyed this they could have used it to prevent the north from marching south.



River Run

An escape castle where you run to for safely.

House Tully


The Twins

the twins

Kings landing

Technically though back then the capital was Winchester

In the show



Actually two houses one for Sansa (Princess in the tower) and one for the princes in the tower who were ponces (Gay lovers with each other) [Bran  and Rickon]

This is very historically embarrassing so the change then to the last prisoners. Victoria tower with the house of lords(Left). Elizabeth Tower with the house of commons (Right). Once Queen she installed big ben which is a bell so they could not put her back.,_Palace_of_Westminster

Bells ring from the church they are to bring attention to events. Make everyone go outside to see what is happening. Later to tell time.

Palace whores and bastards

Gin alley

The street of steal is in the nice part of Town

Westminster has it’s own church (and pub).

This one is for ceremonies. The coronation of monarchs and where they are married and buried.

Targaryen’s build this for the Dragons (Because I said so)

The Tower of Dragons

Tower of London


She is also going to change the name from Kings landing to Dragons landing because she is the mother of dragons and a Queen. Roman empire turns it into Londonium (Land on rome) the Germany (Germanic goths) kills the romans and it becomes London.

Storms end

You can see why Stanis can’t stay here for winter. Doesn’t like fish. Really though he could have taken over Essos or another house. He goes to winterfel because that is where he is actually meant to be if he is not king.

Dragon Stone

Dragon Stone Dover Castle

Dragon Stone Dover Castle aerial_view

The Baratheon’s had this house. I’m assuming the Targaryen’s took it over they ran north to their brother Ned then took over kings landing because they needed a house. These lot are not fighting for no reason only those with out food or homes fight they are going to die if they don’t.

Key to England




They say they are French/Tudor but they are Welsh that had keep getting exiled to France. Coming back and killing everyone once they had a large enough army.

Their house is actually the Vale Robert gave it to his hand. Stanis had the job of protecting storms end so they could not go back.

The border has a lot of forts no wall thought so they did try to keep the dragons (Welsh sheep) out

House of Baelish “The Kingmaker” Warwick




House of Varris

Bishop's Palace Wells,_Wells

Who can’t have kids so it goes to the church.



that they give to Brawn




Is Cornwall nothing there at all. I think this is more about Asia and India that the empire keeps trying to take over.

The Vale


Full post for adult people



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