Skin colour variation

Scrap everything

It’s not the sun!

It’s the dirt. (Ok the dirt is controlled by the sun) not wrong not right either.

Whites live in places with water and lots of rain they are clean.

Blacks live in Africa that is full of black mud not a lot of water or rain.

Olive skin is formed from coral (Beach sand) they live on the beach. (Some water)

Brown skin is from desert sand. They have no water at all.

The dirt became part of their skin.

If you live in a dirty place you are no going to buy a white car.

With no outbreeding how long does it take to breed out an evolutionary trait that no longer has a purpose. Note it is not necessary for survival but would help. All migrants sorta have to be nomads which is more or less a dead end.

Animals from different places are also different colors based on their environment.

The middle east can survive with out meat. But they have to rebuild their entire immune system once a year by fasting.

A lot of places only have seeds. They eat the seeds and nothing else.

We did not all come from Africa. We came from the ocean. Just like all the other animals. You assume Africa because that is the lowest level of evolution. Some are from apes some are from cats some are from dogs parts of Asia are from horses. We are all from the ocean. The dinosaurs died in the ocean the artic and the desert. They went there in search of food and then they died. Something killed the trees. The omnivores died then the carnivores.

We evolved from all different kinds of animals just like all the other animals.

What animals are we from? Well the very animals that live in the same area we do.

Out breeding made us human. We will return to the sea.

Rise and rise again until lambs (Welsh) become lions (Lancaster)

Severely inbreed are the only ones who know what is going on because they are operating on pure animal instinct. When they call something a dog. Or a pussy. Or a chicken. It’s because they actually are. (Some might be habit) Hell I use the term girls because they can’t birth men. I am saying there are no girls because the are barren (Can’t have children) Whores are females who can’t have children they are trying to fuck their way into finding a male that can make a child with them sometimes this means being a hooker. Incest occurs because the only way to have a child is same level inbreeding.


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