For sub humans to understand

Say you went for a walk and saw a dog with the head of a cat.

Don’t know what you would do?

Well I do.

What the fuck?

How the fuck?

Why the fuck?

What is wrong with the world?

How can we stop this?

Make it go away!

It’s not going away it’s stalking and chasing and snarling. Help someone help.

Kill it!!!

The females (Nomad/Hookers) walking around this place non skin is so clear it refects the practically non existant light threw black clothing.

I’m not making things up I take information for one place simplify it and put it in another.

Recessive means inbred.

For fucks sake a ginger killed Jesus. They also do things no human would.

If you went out side like a person your skin would form and it would also be red.

Gingers can’t even make children. They are the end of the line.

Nomads can only make a nomad with an equal nomad.


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