Why Hasn’t Natural Selection Eliminated Heritable Disease?

Inbreeding for dummies

Suppose you take a pair of jeans and cut out a few holes on it. Take another pair and cut out a different set of holes on it. Now take one pair and put it inside the other. Together, they are now whole. This is what happens with outbreeding.


Some of the holes are in the same places. Together, they are now more ‘whole’ than they were with the holes cut out. But still have holes.


Now, what if the two aforementioned pairs have identical holes? Putting them together would do nothing to eliminate their original flaws.

The reason there is not a lot of outbreeding is because those who are not alike do not get along.

Inbred Lab mice

When they start inbreeding over several generations.

First they die quickly. (Genetic defects)

Then are very violent and kill each other. (Mental defects)

Then they start eating the ones that are less related. This would be bothers and sisters children eating their parents other children (uncles and aunts) 100% DNA against 50% DNA. The smaller weaker 100% win the 50% don’t even fight they are not animal enough yet. They kill in large groups (Tribes). Their grandparents are no longer there probably eat them also they are off in a new cage making more clones.

All the lab mice are white. I don’t know if they look different. But the inbred ones can tell the differance some how. Might just be behavoural. Animals have more raw instict.

This is ok for lab mice who don’t need to think. If you put a maze to the food they would eat each other before finding it.

Basically they (de)evolve into inbreeding.

Full inbred takes 4 generations. In humans that takes 100 years with no outbreeding.

If you take a 100% inbred (migrant) mouse and put it in a cage with outbred mice. It will try to eat them but be out numbered. The other mice will segrigate it. They don’t look any different (All the mice are white)

If you give that mouse one of its sisters. They will breed childen very rapidlly and much more then normal. Once their numbers are high enough they will eat the none related nice.

This stuff is nature. You can try to fight it all you want nature always wins.

You stop Africa from killing each other then they start getting in boats to escape. You give them money and fix thier problems then wonder why they don’t learn to. You are creating thier problems not them.

Dead aid very good book. As is the wealth of nations. Anything by Malcolm Gladwell. Should be required reading.

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Genetic editing

This won’t work.

It’s going to be for rich people first. Until the government controls it.

Intelect levels and deseases all exist by nature for a reason.

You fix one thing nature will devise another. Nature will find a way it always has it always will.

Some poor stupid parents have a smart child. What’s that child going to do? It going to escape them.

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