Walls to keep out the builders

Why are you building a wall?

To keep the shit out.

Who built the wall?

The shit.

Why are they here?

To build the wall to keep them out.

They also cut the grass and clean everything while we get fat. Can’t go for a run or walk our workers are out there. Lets get them to build a gym and more house now we can’t go out because of them.

Lets put bars on our windows. Let have guards.

Why is all this shit everywhere?

Lets build more houses for the shit. We need to bring in more shit to do that.

Why is all this shit everywhere?

Is the prison the house or outside it?

Shut the fuck up GPD is going up only numbers are important.

What is GDP going to do when everything is shit?

London is a place 3rd world rejects agree to work for each other. They could do that at home. The real goal is to fuck up the human area.

When robots become cheaper then shit what will the shit do? What will the non shit do?



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