Safe Passage routes



Back in my day we walked 5 miles to school in the snow with no shoes you can eat your greens. There are other countries that have no food.


I dodged bullets on the way to school you can eat your greens. Some are starving down the road.

“In some cases, you have voters and elected officials who have more confidence and faith in a foreign adversary than they have in their neighbors,” – Obama

Yes it is sad but for good reason!!!!1

You just built a wall around your house to keep the neighbors out!!!!1

In 2016 Chicago has killed 750 Russia 0. It not safe for kids to go to school not because of Russia.

Chicago like lots of other places is killing itself. Seriosly this is what is happening.

Why the fuck you lot are worrying about what happens oceans away when this kind of shit is happening in your back yard?

We can asign blame. We can blame lots of things. Or we can fix it. Those that try and stop the fixing we can blame them.

Stop filling cities with shit. Old shit. New shit. Different shit. It’s all shit it will always be shit.

Work with what we have fill cities with the young. Remove all the schools. Temp seasonal migrants for the shit jobs. Everything else will sort itself out. The millenials go to collage to outbreed did not work out. I don’t think they are going to breed more interested in being shit because they are inbred.

How do you clear a city? Some kind of virus [ME Std Syndrome] outbreak. Ebola would work.

Fear of Russian nuke.

Send them to the south west. They all moved there to escape the south they went north as far as they could grouped together because they had to. Now they must escape themselves. It’s not home. The rust belt was only there to dump shit in the lakes. This shit is no longer valid. The south won’t move there because they are there.

This is about inbreeding. It will keep getting worse. The only way to stop inbreeding is to outbreed.

What place makes opium and why?

How do you fill it back up? Economic insentive tax breaks.

Move tech there. (Fuck CA)

How do you make the young move there? Work off thier student loans.

We should have been smart enough to tax our expats. Maybe we still can.

I guess I should be happy our mayor clean up his street. What does that say about the state of London and our mayor?

Let china build a new city in the North west. Canada’s left wing stupidity can lose out.

If you had not allowed the Jaws movies none of this would be an issue!

The US abandoned Detriot. I sure there a quotes from presidents calling it things like the heart of the country somewhere.

Why not abondon inbred villages? Or only use things part of the year in some cases. Especially remote areas. This entire lets put retiered people and migrants there is dumb. Farms can be retirement work most of it is automated.

20-30 this is where the mixing needs to happen. After that they can move where ever.

As for here

You can want people to move north all you want. The North is cold. No one wants to live there. Take over the train control the fares to control the people.

We could have put all our shit in ghost towns in Ireland and Spain. They would have been happy about it. We could have outbreed ourselfs we did not. Why? Well the ingrades are in charge.

The US is much easier to figure out due to the weath of recorded information.

The ingrediants are not going to melt properly in large groups. The pot is not going to melt unless you stir it. The middle is not melting.

America is great again once nascar stops existing. Other sports would get a lot better.

Funny how the problem with America is because of slavery.

*Greens are vegitables


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