The squire program

We could replace all the police with outbred Americans. If we can waste Trillions on stupid decisions. If we can find billions for a train we don’t need we can find millions for the only thing I think the government should be doing enforcing the law properly. (They are not)

Or we could send them all off to America to shadow cops in New York to learn how to do their jobs properly.

I don’t think this will work long term. But it is less drastic.

Without a change of mentality, efforts at practical improvement will be in vain.

I don’t think it’s enough to set up proper conduct rules. Do they even have those now?

You need others (Partners) to constantly enforce each other. Reward them not for catching criminals but for being whistle blowers. You need to clean up the police before they can clean anything up. No fucking quotas or stats or ratings don’t give them something to cheat / manipulate.

You need to punish them. Yes cops need rules and they need to be punished when they break them.

As it stands now the police are criminals who don’t have to follow the law. Not just that they have no sense, manners, respect, decency or understanding.

I’m more deterred by the police then actual criminals.

Other then the hookers and their bitches the police are the only ones I’ve seen break the law.

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