Language of the year

From the American Dialect Society. The words are chosen to reflect the most important and poignant issues in American society, and have to be “newly prominent or notable in the past year.”

Wake up sheeple (Not used by the ones who are. They like small words.)

woke: socially aware or enlightened

People want to burn the trash

dumpster fire: out-of-control situation

That New Yorker cartoon: an alternate take

The year of


When everyone is actually related (Inbred) and full words are too complex

fam : one’s crew, squad, circle of friends, tribe, gang ,area country etc.

Bit of history on this:

10 years ago it was man. Or in ibred surfers (LA) dude.

5 years ago it was cousin.

Recently is was Bro short for brother. Here is is bruv. It is because they have the same DNA. Now everyone is that related.

Used to describe none people. Or in some cases the not related.


Something the poor needs

receipts: Proof

Kill in what ever age that is from

slay: Good

Something no one wants to do

Turn up

Hash tags are insutling black people


The Emoji

Are happy the media must be wrong.


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