Europeans don’t like Americans

Hell most of them don’t like anything that is not them. But America the most. They have American accents and love American movies though.

Everyone in Europe is very limited by thier language. If you live in france and only speak french it’s a very small controled world.

American actions will make them nationalistic not in a good way like in a Nazi way.

I’m not sure they are aware America is made up of Europeans. Not that it would help.

“[We Europeans] have our destiny in our own hands,” Merkel said.

So if you ask me

Not when the government is entirly funding thier lives. Everything else doesn’t stay here for long. That won’t change unless there is some form of border. EU migrants are the smallest group. We are surronded by water you can’t get here unless something lets you in.

There are more migrants here then there was people before they started arriving 10 years ago. Anyone decent is gone. There is nothing to save.

It’s not like America with a random migrant here and there. It’s not the same type of migrant. It’s the ones who can’t afford an airplane ticket to America.

TTIP would not try to sign up several 3rd world countries. But sign up a place full of thier rejects?

The slave island. Yeah well masters will be in short supply. Then what?





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