Phone addiction is about TV

TV has two very specific things that make it addictive.

One it always makes noise. Volume increasing music the longer the silence, sound effects and laugh tracks are used to fill silence.

This is harder for live TV. Hosts will fill silence. Want to torture a host stop talking want to be off Camera stop moving. Some times this results in them torturing you (Repeating something over and over)

There are probably a lot of rules. How long one person can talk for. (The worst thing about this is it controls our attention span.) Several people if two get stuck. A plant who’s only job is silence filling. Changing the subject.

There is back room. There are people saying. Int for interrupt. DA for dead air. I don’t know what the codes are but they have them.

They are trained for this and have lots of practice.

TV always moves. Heads, bodies and hands. On the news that bar with news flashes. Hell sometimes it is camera movement.

This causes us to want everything to move. Why some have fish. Why we people watch.

If silence (Dead air) or no movement happens you will change the channel

So when you are away from the TV. You want a screen. Movement here scroll down swipe this load more posts. I hate loading most are actually there for the loading.

A lot of why I miss normality, women and white people is because I don’t watch TV anymore.

Want to make America great again make TV great again. TV is shit because millennials are shit. Shit likes shit. Give the none shit none shit and they will be happy. Game shows bring them back. Family shows bring them back. You only need one channel for non shit.

Millennials are shit because their parents are shit. They can’t except they made a shit child so they blame everything but themselves. The government teachers anything they can find. Parents don’t want teachers telling them their offspring are shit that you be their fault. Teachers don’t want to deal with shit parents so they give them what they want.

You will learn more from comment sections then most stories once you filter out the shit and understand them properly. You can’t say you don’t understand what Trump supports want as they rant and rave and scream what they want in the comment section of that very story.


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