Millenials grow up


Look they are going to be shit.

There is a lot of them.

They are going to control the world.

They are not going to have any money not for 10 years at least. Not counting repaying student loans.

Instead of pandering to them you are going to have to fix some of them as best you can.

If they don’t learn how to do things properly what happens when the ones that do retire.

I don’t think they are going to get married and breed.

My generations next is going to get even smaller. Theirs is also.

The only reasonable thing I can think of is yell “grow up” at them so they think the problem is being young and they need to fix it to become adults.

It’s not going to be fun. It was not fun for any of us. We did not have the impression it would be fun. They do. It’s not.

They are not going to grow up in their parents house. They are not going to move out to worse neighbor hoods. They are not going to grow up in groups at work they will complain and rebel.

Constant stimulation is not good either. They need to learn how to be bored. Work is boring it can’t be culture shock.

Work is not fun. That is why you have to be paid for it.

Why are all Millenials inbred?

Well they like inbred things.

All the stats about them are the same as ingrades.


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