Not luggage

Where ever the plane landed. (I don’t know where) It got diverted.

This is when I knew everything had to change.

That state will do that to people.

Not delivering mail is a crime why not luggage?

They also made me sit in coach. The plane had to be stopped on the runway surrounded by cop cars they took someone off (I don’t know why). Might be why it got diverted.

It’s always been about un-civilized. It’s about 1st class and steerage not the baggage hold. (Not my best joke)

Tourists generally are the more civilized who can afford to travel. I saw some locals.

I gave up on trying to find people. Wanted to turn everyone into people. A decade later here we are =/ Here I am in something an ingrade would call an inbreed shit hole.

I’ve never met an American. Never met an English person either.

I know how this sounds but giving up on the idea that people exist is kind of a big deal. Being constantly reminded they don’t exist is not very nice either. I like to pretend sub humans don’t exist they won’t let me because they are animals.

I don’t understand not people. I don’t think or act like them. I don’t want to bother humans.

Maybe migrants are just ingrades who don’t have cousins because the rest of their family breed out.

If everything ingrades do is in service of inbreeding everything I do must be in service of outbreeding. The ingrades are in charge.

I’m just trying to make the world more human. If you are against that or me in any why shape or form you are an…

Blaming the luggage is a coping mechanism.

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