Dear not so civil service

Instead of paying for hookers. You can resign from your post and get a more suitable job as a hookers bitch. You can pretend to be their father. Then you will get paid to be with hookers all day every day instead of paying for them. You’d being living in the same homes in the same areas (Some cases upgrade). You would also have connections to sell your hooker to.

Government paid taxi driver for a child care center is also an option for those who are into that sort of thing.

I’d suggest the police do the same but that is already happening.

I’m surrounded by hookers and I don’t remember what legs, tits and ass looks like.

There were no hookers on downing street before the vicars daughter moved in. There where no hookers outside the foreign office before Boris moved in. I’m not sure if city hall has more hookers or less now.

If this is how you run your street and office. It explains why the country is broken.


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