Not the Hand


Ned Stark his one and only mistake not attending his tournament.

No one recognizes his authority, no one fights for him, no one gets gold for fighting for him. Then no one recognizes his authority and no one fights for him.

Died because he betrayed his honor.

Only those who have not seen the king on his throne fight against him. This is a often choice a way to expose your enemy.

Some follow strength. Some follow intellect.

Some don’t like intellect. Some don’t like strength.

Protestant, Catholic, Muslim

It’s not the religion it’s who chooses it.

Chess is an interesting game

Pawns, Kights, Bishops, Castles thier kings and queens. Use you intelect to defend your royals. Not about that though is it? Is it about beating the other side? Is it about not losing?

Christ I’m getting philosophical again.


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