Game of Evolution

7 kingdoms 7 houses 7 gods and 7 hells.

Same groups. Same thing happens over and over and over.

Until someone changes the groups.

I don’t know who came up with the new gods.

Once all the houses die one religion then takes over everything.

What stops the fighting?

Everyone decides there is no point?

Too old to fight. Not a lot of young due to the fighting.

They start using thier energy to build churches.

Then spend thier time in the things they built and try to spread it.

Then there is one group. These other groups always were. They don’t win. The other side fails.

West founded on

Freedom (Targaryen end of slavery)

Police force (Targaryen control)

Property rights (End the wars)

*They are called houses because that is what they are the only homes.


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