Explains Sundays here


There are not that many hookers. They just walk/stand around all day so they are everywhere all the time. I’ve never seen them with a client.

The things they do to avoid looking like hookers are worse then anything else. I know they are not smart enough to get the intent of the law rather then the wording.

London is covered in shit and all of it is about the hookers and their company.

They could very well be here for one person or event. Prince Andrew? Does he keep them on retainer? That would explain why the rent boys dress like Prince Charles.

It was really really bad when obama and company was here. There were a few hookers here and there now and then before. Now all the fucking time.

Someone new that moved here? Please move to France where you belong.


Their increasing desperation and presence means they are not making any money.

I don’t think it would be hard to connect timings with clients.

It is everywhere


Maybe it is because all the women left.


Same hookers that are in London are outside it also. Plus some better looking ones.

At least if it was illegal you could control where it is happening (Confine it) They are acting like illegal hookers anyway.

If there is a female here it is a hooker.


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