Migrants are so great

Everyone is staying inside now

Everyone gets more inbred

Exactly what they want



Stop it stop it now

Americans are don’t like outside so much they are consuming their back yards with more house. I’m shocked London has not built them over they just use the shed.

Then the migrants loss their jobs. Delivery to robots once they become cheaper or people get fed up of migrants.

When people do go outside

They need to escape reality in their phones.

It’s not : Children who chat on social media suffer the consequences.

It is: Children who suffer the consequences chat on social media.

Social media is much better for them then drugs and alcohol. Committing crimes or being victims of them.

Or adults who want to ignore all the shit around them.

I can notice this on a short walk or in a train station. How can you not in a study?

Always with the wrong correlation.


Also the reason people are turning to the internet.

It is not about anything other then migrants and safety.

Depends what they are doing on the phone also.

Might be more about a catholic not liking their normal and trying to change it rather then go back to his normal (Migrant thing). But kids should be able to go outside and play (depending on their play mates defined by economics).

Not so long ago people left their doors unlocked. Migrants don’t care or understand how much better everything was before they arrived. Their response fuck you it’s still better then where I am from. What are you complaining about? Not for long. Our normal is different then yours.

They fuck things up because it makes things more like home. Why not just move back home?

If you don’t like it here. Why are you here?

You are a migrant fucking migrate. The reason your parents left where ever is no longer valid. This is no longer the place they escaped to because of them. Everyone else has left why won’t you a migrant do the same?

Migration is distorting and destroying your countries. Not that you care about that or anything.

This place is fucked you can’t fuck it up anymore. We are just pretending it is not.


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