Why Appalachia doesn’t drink



The only way to stop the Irish from drinking.


Creating not one but two religions Baptist and Mormon that strictly prohibit drinking.

Why did the Irish move there? Because they make the alcohol there Brewers on the left whisky on the right.

The Irish surrounded by mountains no one can get in no one can leave.

Irish farms no potatoes. Drink no allow. What do they do?

The extent of my knowledge of Appalachia comes from Harold and Kumar escape Guantanamo bay.

Appalachia google it. Take a look at the image search.

When Obama lives in Appalachia for 5 years he can judge me. I’d imagine he would be come a gun clinger for the same reasons.

Appalachia flood it with Eastern Europeans. 30% of Millennial demo. They won’t mind. Do it now before it becomes ground zero. Open unlimited farm visa already exists.




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