Dear Vatican


Inbreeding leads to communism or worse.

Communism leads to the end of all religion.

Leviticus should explicitly rule out ALL cousins.

We evolved religion did not now we don’t.

When the time comes it always has it always will.

We are no longer fighting man to man.

We have the capability to wipe out each other in seconds.

I’m not implying anything! Incest needs to stop and you are the only one who can stop it.

Some kind of program should move young Catholics around countries and maybe even the world. Even if only for a short time like a summer camp type thing. Trying to get everyone to do things like this.

While we are at it. There are some who think they can sin all week and wash them away every Sunday. Divorce should be more not ok.

Certain other things are political issues they like to hide behind you for. Not that either of you have a problem with that.

The answer to the EU is not more EU. The answer to Catholics is not more Catholics.

What is happening in Europe will happen to your church.

How did saying Trump was not a Christian work out?

Choose your battles more wisely.

Pew says most non religious are former Catholics. I don’t know why.

The answer to everything is less and better.

You lead others will follow.



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