When do relatives stop banging daughters?

She sleeps with a non family member and becomes contaminated. Then they don’t want her anymore (dirty). Maybe even why some divorces happen. Why in the Game of Thrones why Craster doesn’t let the nights watch touch his daughters.

Then she runs around searching for a group of highly related males to recreate this.

Sometimes it means being a whore or swinging. Sometimes that means selling herself. Best ways to find this kind of male.

Sometimes it means going to the jungle.

Sometimes it means flooding a country with inbred migrants because your pasty ghost white skin and inbred eyes don’t like the sun. Hence the term woman of the night.

Studies show daughters of teenage mothers become teenage mothers. This is because thier fathers like banging highly related teenage girls. Ingrades who want to bang daughters end up having all daughters. I’m sure in China or any third world country your child is your retirement plan parents tend to have sons. It’s (de)evolving into inbreeding.

Humans want to breed. This means finding a suitable husband or wife. The young are not doing this. Some because they can’t some because they don’t want to.

Nature doesn’t want sub humans to breed. So it makes them do all kinds of other shit. Sub humans also want to stop humans from breeding this is why they bother us.

Everything humans do is in service of breeding. Everything sub humans do is in service of inbreeding.

If a female wants to bang little boys she becomes a teacher. If a man wants to bang little boys he becomes are preist. If a female wants to bang ingrades she becomes a hooker.

Working buying a house that is for breeding. Sub humans end up in a flat share or multi gen home the army anything but…They will also create situations where they “have” to do this. Ruin an area / economy / country.

I have no idea how an ingrade who has never been within 10 feet of me knows I have bad blood.

I have no idea why a tiny white hooker can hang around in a dark ally at night by herself that would flirt with anyone let anyone do anything to her for free with out reporting it gets left alone. But I can’t go to the store in the middle of the day.


Subs only like their cousins

Subs leave other subs alone

Contaminated with non family sperm

Hookers all act differently to me.

Some think I am a cop. Or not inbred enough. Or might report them.

Some think I am a potential client.

Some just try to bother me. (The Catholic ones)

Universally none them let me look at them. Not that I am trying. This maybe an effort to stop me from finding a human woman.

Yes hookers are choosy about their clients. It’s not about the money. They would make more at McDonalds. They are not here to for white humans there are not any. No lesbians either not here for the same reason I don’t want to be. There are no girls.

Maybe it’s like chicken sexers or beggers. They somehow know who smokes or will give them money.

There is only one white female who lives in London. She likes to bother me. But has not tried to kill me like the others. Maybe only because of her employer.

The number of behavior and type of hookers in London keeps changing. Some of this is time of year / around events / population shifts / competition changes / were money is (about clients) Yes then need money for food to stay alive for sex.

I didn’t really notice when they were migrants but then again it’s not strange when they do it.

Even little children know to bother the human.

It saddens me (What has the once Great nation become?) that hookers bitches once spanish migrants who can’t speak English have been replaced by cheaper less well behaved village rent boys. Sure there are no longer Spanish standing in door ways. But at least they did not talk or do anything. This because of a gay MP? Or some female who likes little white boys?

Might be a translation thing. Hookers who only speak English clients who don’t.

How the fuck does one end up being a hookers bitch?

Also a bit disturbing the spanish hooker bitches did not like being kissed by the hookers (Pretend boyfriend for cops). The rent boys are all into it arms wraped around and everything. Maybe they just want the sperm that is in thier mouths.

Notice how I have stopped complaining about migrants. Now complain about hookers and ingrades. Most of the migrants left me alone. Are ingrades a race?

If you got trapped in the jungle. You would study the animals. This is what I do in London. I try to ignore them they won’t let me.

Men can go on indefinably screwing young girls. They don’t. Women get old and ugly yet they try to keep screwing indefinably. Doesn’t matter there are only so many guys (will run out) or that they have a time limit looks wise. They just lower their standards.

I don’t think I am ever going to see a human again. =(

I’ve met more females on weekend trips at least one in every location (Several a day) then I have here in 5 years.

While I understand ingrades want to be around other ingrades just as I want to be around humans. There are billions of ingrades in several other countries. No places for humans.

The park 4 years ago was full of families. Now it’s empty and some hookers. At least you can sit in it now though. But you can’t walk down the street anymore.

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