Limited options

There are no women in London none at all.

In other areas there are like 5 women. 3 of them are married. 2 of them are whores. Unless you are thier same level of village inbred they are not going to like you.

You have some options

Break up the marriages which makes you an asshole and the woman a bitch. Husband might get angry.

Bonk the two whores until you get bored try to arrange a 3 way or just fall out.

There are lots of teenage girls. They flirt. You go to jail for 5 years.

The official rule is half your age +7. If you have to ask a girl her age she is too young. For gen x if they don’t know what dail up noise or a pager is they are too young.

The only local woman I have meet in 5 years living here. The first thing she said was asking about leaving the UK. She was married could just move out to a English village and have kids. Maybe her husband was a limited option…

I don’t know who these supposed decent inocent girls who are being used are. I’ve never met one. Girls are doing the exact same thing as the guys but more. There are many who are incapable of maintaining a relationship. Don’t want them. These lot get married to what ever is there when their body tells them it is baby time. Then they get a divorce when children not longer occupy everything. Only 15% of women are whores I have no idea why I am always surronded by them.

The secret to a happy marrage the wife in the kitchen (Former lazy slob now cleans everything) Husband in the man cave at the other end of the house. Wine for when they have to be in the same room.


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