A cautionary tale better then a fairy one?

Why Emma Watson should not be UN womens spokes person

After becoming the UN spokes person for women every picture of her has been not in an academic setting but in the kitchen. On the front page of the telegraph. Hell even her invite to a feminist meeting was filmed in a kitchen. A woman place is…

I don’t have a problem with natural gender roles they should be feminist not anti. More the problem is not inspiring. Being a feminist does not mean not being a women. Nor should it be used as an excuse for whoring or smart profesional women not breeding while stupid bitches have a litter.

Womens natural gender role is taking care of thier family that includes the husband. When they can’t do this. They take care of something else. Cats for the introverts dogs (Mans best freind) for the extroverts. If these are not possible. A graden. A cause. The worst case a camera fear those with a camera it’s a dog for those who are not capable of caring. Can’t motivate themselves out the camera gives them reason every day dog poop is too much. No one can see you are alone if you are behind the camera. Plus something to do like phones for the young.

Some “feminists” have taken issue “The pretty one doesn’t speak for us” and some other bullshit to back that up. There is a reason pretty people are not on TV anymore.

I always find it funny when “feminists” hide behind skirts.

Feminism only exists when it does not.

If that is not enough she has supported the abuse of young girls. This of course resulted in death threats. It’s ok when the government does it though.

She can not get a husband if she does it will be the wrong one. In a time when human population levels are below replacement this is not good for anything.

She hates men. But likes thier money. I should not really have to point this out but not the best example… That is not feminism it’s greed a sin founded on another sin lust.

The one only good thing she is doing. Her life as a bad example this makes her an anti-role model. Which is good.

When she had a man she was good.

Now she does not have a man she is bad.

She has a very specific following of boys and probably some pedo men. Boys that were around her age when she was on screen. Older guys will see her as what she still looks like a little girl.

Whomever selected her for this role probably feels very badly about it. They probably tell themselves it doesn’t really matter or that no one really cares. It’s not important. But if this is not what is?

But then agian if

“You don’t want to be like Emma Watson do you?” Becomes a thing

Should change the title of her next film to.

Fem-monster and her pet


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