The propaganda behind naivety scenes

If it was not clear from the title I’m about to basterdise a key religious tradition.

Much like warshak you see what you want.

The real point

Make wifes have sex with thier husbands to make a baby. Maybe the father Christmas is part of that.

Other points depending on your perspective

London – A bed in a shed

Ingrade – Gang bang

Incest – Covering up the fact the father is her father. (“I don’t know who the father is.”)

Poor – Back alley whore

Left wing – Capitalist conspiracy (Escape truth)

Me – Propaganda

Not many get past the nativity scene image/point.

The wise men one is from Iran the others from India and Arabia. If it was meant to make them Christians that shit did not work out. If anything this explains gang bangs.

I’ve not looked at the stats. But I’d bet a power outage causes more babies then Christmas, v-day or a bank holiday. I don’t know what the most popular month for babies is. Here it is probably nine months from the start of summer.


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