The UK is not an isolation trap for children in poverty, but an inbred ghetto

I’ve been meaning to post about this for so long. Just going to throw the jumbled notes out.

I don’t really know how it came about.

Why are these schools not improving?

Why don’t/can’t you fix this?

Look um…er…uh there has been some inbreeding…

When the the head of the head of education identifies inbreeding as a problem it is because it is.

The worst performers are white Irish traveller children, then “white gypsy/Roma” children – both of which school fails by a long chalk. They are followed by mixed-race children with Caribbean backgrounds, then white British.

How do we fix this?

Going back into the past this shit was done for a reason. At some point there became more concern about money and the short term then sense.

Grammars should be seperated by gender!

The other schools should stay mixed.

Primary schools should be in villages.

High schools should ONLY be in towns.

Collages should be in collage towns.

Extreme Disciplinary Measures might be in order. At the least more reporting things to family.

Right now benifits are structured in such a way that recepriants can’t move if anything we should be trying to force them to move.

Why are the migrant schools doing so well?

Well ratings systems much like well exactly like ofsted ratings cause failing schools to manipulate thier results. There have been several cases of students being given the answers to test during exams.



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