Millenials are hard drug babies

First you had hippies on weed trying to spread peace and love during war time. Then disco. Then raves.

Millenials are rave children.

Weed has long been the drug of choice for my generation (Note legalization spreading). If you are wondering why young people are all on opiates. Its because of what their parents were on at the time of their conception.

The drugs vary by country and region. In Delaware, heroin (and many other drugs) are sold at clubs and at raves. Though far less common than other “club drugs” like MDMA, ketamine, or LSD, heroin can be found in some of New York’s clubs. Note a resurgence of all of these now.

Millenials living with parents are racist

They can afford to live on their own. But only in migrant areas. Migrants have taken what were meant to be starter homes for starter career salaries.

Communal living is a result of inbreeding. Then again so is multi generational homes.

You want to know who rents these rabbit hutch flats in London. The answer is more then one person. Sometimes a couple. Sometimes a family.

According to google. 2nd cousin is the new forth cousin. 1st cousin is starting.



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