Gen X the spectator generation


We have watched the world change more then any time before.

We watched

Woman go to work

Children go to shit

Our parents get divorced [90s recession]

The end of segregation

The enemy change from blacks (Irish in the UK) to commies to Muslims to migrants. It will be white people next. We’ve stop breeding and try to run away from everything with no where really to go. I’m not sure if there are less white people or more non whites. (Birth rates are less then replacement)

The migrant invasion.

A black US president. Two female PMs. A Muslim mayor.

They joked about terrorism in the 80s. They don’t do that anymore.

The gays came out. Got married. Then divorced.

Trash TV (Game shows bring them back please)

Technology and the internet.

The rise of inbreding immorality

[It’s very strange to see those a few years younger act entirely different in every way.]

We are the first generation to go to collage. Before it became the new high school diploma.

We might very well be the last generation of white people. (As history will know us.) Maybe that is what the X is about. Eventually those who live here will evolve into white people just as we did.

We have been called the irrelevant generation. There is an X there because that is what we are. Nothing.

Pew calls us the neglected middle child. More like step child.

Derailed as YUPPIE WASP preppies by hippies. Like it was a problem. Now their shit children the hipsters are everywhere. They are all divorced. We are the first to grow up without a large adult presence (Independent / introvert / Intelligent / behind the senses), with both parents working. Women having careers could leave their husbands thus we are the children of divorce generation. (We don’t like divorce)

We are not coddled snowflakes. Our parents hit us. Hell our teachers were allowed to hit us on the wrist with a ruler. The school headmaster with a cane. When we fucked up it was our fault. Now parents blame the teachers when they are at fault. Millenials thus tend not to respect authority blame the adults. (Follow by example)

We just quietly do our thing. We are wedged between and severely outnumbered by old people who fucked everything up and their stupid young cunts. Also migrants their children will be the next problem.

I’ve never met another gen X. Or an English person. Or a protestant. Or a white person for that matter.

But if I was to speak for “us”. I’d call “us” the what the fuck is everyone else doing generation. Or the Why are you doing this to “us” generation.

While I do understand most of the changes are due to our small size you let/made that happen.

We understand a lot of the old peoples issues and also don’t get why millenials don’t you have the internet you can learn.

Sure we had an easier time getting jobs. With rent and buying homes. Gen-Xers were ‘No, I’m not in it for the money,’ millennials rebelled against that and are completely greedy. We had no peers no support just dropped in there with the old people. Forced to grow up before our time.

There are not that many of us though. Everyone agrees millennials are shit even themselves we are stuck with them.

We will probably be the only generation with out a president.

At this rate, Gen X might never get to be president of the United States of America

We get ignored by everyone as we are too small.

Nothing is for us. It’s all for old people or millenials.

Those of us who make it up the ranks can look forward to baby sitting a bunch of whiny incompetent brats. Learning how to deal with several different cultures.

About the only smart thing we have done is convince young women to show off their bodies. We did that because our women pool is not very deep.


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