Yearly report Q3 2016. The board has adjourned to the brothel.

Documenting the state of the economy by the way hookers in London behave. It’s not going well especially in the north.

Hooker season is at the end of summer.

They call it the worlds oldest profession. Now we can call it the worlds oldest economic measure.

I’m not sure if they have been kicked out of soho? Or have to go looking for clients that once seeked them out?

Last year they were resorting to Thursday happy hour. Lots of drunk dudes there with no girls.

This year lunch time.

They all work for the same group as they all have the same plan.

They have a very large network of flats. Some of them are council.

Hanging around outside government buildings even unknown ones is strange places. The foreign ones around construction sites. Some just walk around all over the place. Some hang out with their fake “boyfriend” (Is rent boy the right term?) this might be a police thing. The migrants surprisingly leave them alone too rich for their blood. They stick with the cheap London children.

This also coincides with migrants ripping of student loans and fake student visas. Really anyone in London at this time is gone with in the month and then back to council only.

There also seems to be a lot of hookers bobbing about on Sundays. Walk of shame? Are they bored? Are they actually returning from Catholic Church?

Last year resorting to saying crude lad like pick up lines.

This year. Staring and yelling out cute or hello. Basically just trying to draw attention to themselves.

Again more desperate every year. In line with the economy?

They don’t seem to get much work. Hell they might only be filling up time until a politician calls them to the hotel.

If hookers are any measure the economy is shit. But then again some of them are American.

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