A Trump presidency

He has different incentives from normal politicians (not beholden to anyone). He isn’t an ideologue, or policy wonk he mostly knows real estate/building. (Business acumen) [This also explains interest in infrastructure.]

He will want / try to make America great again.

I think he will do what he thinks is best. (Pragmatic Thanks Obama)

Not what is best for the party or shit like that.

During the campaign he complained of republicans being worse…You have not seen anything yet…

Will be largely confined by the options set before him.

No doubt he will try to cut sharks out and bring in his friends. Something the media will call corrupt. Just people trying to make the office less hell.

There will probably be a better unique partnership. I don’t like the term “special relationship” that shit is a Blair + Clinton relic. Someone come of with a better term. Part due to his roots and part due to the empathy of going threw the same shit we just did.

Sometimes I’m just speculating or putting cards on the table. Sometimes I’m throwing my two pence on the table with varying levels of force.

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