2016 Election round up

Cameron visits US

The vote:

Is not a mood. It’s problems that need to be fixed.


I’m sure there are some internal situations I am not aware of.

I really don’t see why these states can’t be easily converted.

Trump won every county in Oklahoma and West Virginia. Trump won all but one county in Wyoming, and Kansas. Trump won all but two counties in North Dakota, Kentucky, Tennessee, Utah, and Nebraska.

Nearly the entire state of Minnesota, Illinois, New York, Oregon, Iowa, Missouri, Ohio, Michigan, etc., went for Trump.

The only states Hillary carried are Vermont, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.

Except for big cities and a few isolated areas Trump took it all more then 3/4 of the nation. When 1/4 of the nation is migrants who mostly live in big cities.

The west Coast is becoming more, not just the laboratory, but the breeding place for progressive beliefs. Does the desert contian them?

A third of all House Democrats now hail from three states (CA, NY, MA). California alone accounts for 20% of the House Democratic caucus.

Tech should be moved Baltimore, Maryland via incentives. Or that a lala land debt issue? (fuck them)

Genetic politics. Yes it works. No it’s not a good idea. The very people that complain of things being divisive are the ones who made/want them that way.

The farm areas seem to like (orthodox) south eastern European migrants. So you might want to let them know about the unlimted visas in that area. If you must have migrants find thier equal breeds.

Brexit vs Obexit:

Brexit had the papers. Trump had nothing.

We have much more/worse migrants. Though the US has not passed the point where migrants are now in control like here. For the record Nigel and company wanted Brexit long before the migrants arrived.

Obama’s second term was because he got Bin Laden.

After a long period of a thing. People get complacent or something IDK. Maybe just to keep the illusion alive. Maybe the first term reason also.

When things get better. You have to start paying for when they were worse. So then the economy is great but it doesn’t feel any differnt because to you it is not.

Woner why the media is full of BS try writing a story once only once a week with out resorting to BS.

Things happen in politcs because it is thier time to happen.

If you only do things you know will win you always win.

It’s not like here where everything and I do mean everything is worse. In America homes have doubled in size. There are much more rich people. Most have more then one car. Everyone has more money. There are more women then men. If you live in a nice area you will never see a poor person.

The politicians and media want you to be stupid. So they can control you. Being smart is not really good for anything though.

I just want to live with humans.

National Health Care:

Tump care? Legacy?


The media:

Can stop parading the ingrades around to convince everyone the country is fucked. This will only give them permision to be themseleves.

The majority:

Blacks and Hispanics are insecure. But they are a lot less insecure then they where 20 years ago. To them that is more secure. Prespective is everything. Though I find it odd they don’t want to be more secure. Or maybe assigning credit to the wrong shit not to themselves.

Islam grows here by more migrants. In America it will spread like wild fire even in the south.

We need to stop moving things around the world and move them around countries. No one wants to live in the cold North.

Community relations:


No stink here:

Why is that?

Did migrants rush for the airport?

The truth is migrants don’t give a shit about a better life.

They give a shit about hand outs.

The foot in mouth:

Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon

“While this is not the outcome I hoped for, it is the verdict of the American people and we must respect it.”


While this is not the outcome I hoped for, it is the verdict of the British people and we must respect it.

Make America Look great again:

Trumps Infrastucture

He travels a lot (especially during the campain). Some times to 3rd world countries that only developed recently and with cheap materials and fast lego building technics that doesn’t have as much consruction cost like the old brick by brick stuff. So it’s like old American stuff looks more shit then the 3rd world (who will probably be the ones building it.) Even migrants wonder why such rich places look like shit. It does get a bit only the name of the airport changes.



I do understand this even though there is no gold in my bathroom. (I prefer brushed nickel.)

Truth is the the view from most of these things is nothing.

A cyclist passes a carwash in Kampung Baru, the last remaining traditional Malay settlement in Kuala Lumpur

Disruptive contruction work bothers everyone in an area and will cost votes. Some paint and facia lift would work US makes the inside nice. National appearace standards would fix more. Chain link fences are shit at least we have iron here. I know the shit needs to be kept out.

Funneling people into cities is dumb and should stop.

Lay of the land:

Hobbits: Those who don’t bother to learn about politics and it is for the best if they stay home on Election Day.

Hooligans: Those who enjoy biased political news as a recreation, following it with the partisan devotion of sports fans.

Vulcans: People who investigate politics with scientific objectivity, respect opposing points of view, and carefully adjust their opinions to the facts, which they seek out diligently. It’s vulcans, presumably, who we hope will someday rule over us, but there is no compelling evidence that they really exist.

Right vs left

The left wing thinks they are incapable and need the government.

The right thinks the government is incapable.

Not really wrong. But one is stupid.

The left wing convince themselves they are victims of society.

The right wing want the government to stop fucking up society.

EU splash:

Not really a coalition grand or other wise.

I doubt Merkel will want to take orders from Trump or his suragets. Not that she liked obama.


I guess the question is who there will?

Problem with Germany is Germans. They are not going to change. Nor will the Scotish.

Self Correction:

Precident = Happend before.

Legal precident = A court has said it is ok already so you can’t chalange it in the courts.

Not really wrong. But not really right either.



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