Economic growth


Perusing levels of growth, outdated, simply a futile effort at odds with economic reality even counter productive.

What is the solution? Exponential population growth forever?

How is scaring all the women away with migrants going to create a sustainable or growing population?

How is purging the middle class going to create a sustainable or growing economy?

Why do we always need to grow? Why can’t we just reach a normal and stay there?

Why not define GDP as per working-age adult 25-55 or per capita?

Unpaid work like housewife should count towards GDP.

The only reason the normal old economy grows by 3% is because that’s how much of a raise people get every year. Which is pegged to inflation that the government sets.

David Cameron in 2010 when he said that it was time to focus on more than just GDP; he wanted the U.K. to consider the country’s general well-being as well.

I did not know about this. But things like warm weather or winning the world cup will make everyone happy. Our mostly migrant population will be happy with anything. They have a different definition of normal then normal.



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