People have very short term memories

Or they are stupid. Maybe both.

Real life you know 15 years ago before the internet. Sorry before the year 2000 doesn’t have a source. I’ve had to use “real life” and a “book” as a source before “educated” millennials give you this what the fuck is that shit look. Lots of sources on how Obama was going to change everything though…

This rich dude funded a reform party. His name was Ross Perot.

He paid for infomercials. Where he explained problems with deficits and government spending. Told everyone NAFTA would send all the manufacturing jobs away. He was allowed into the debates. He got 20% of the vote.

You’d think this would be enough to scare the others.

Not so much.

Clinton passed NAFTA. Away went the jobs. Hell migrants were even imported to do the jobs that were meant to replace manufacturing. And the Americans got fat you know because migrants are doing everything. Young and old people once did migrant jobs now they do nothing.

Clinton also pushed the CRA that would let poor people buy homes they could not afford. They lost those homes and their jobs and caused a global lost decade. Would have been better off renting.,28804,1877351_1877350_1877322,00.html

Since then every president has doubled the national debt. The states also.

Europe keeps helping Germany fuck it up. The world is supporting the wife of the guy who caused all and I do mean all of the shit going on right now and for the last 10 years.

If cheap labour was meant to make things more affordable. Why is everyone now wearing sweatpants and leggings? Why is furniture now made of scrap wood? Why is everyone riding bikes in unsafe conditions, freezing weather and deadly pollution rather then cars?

Now women are working everyone should have twice the money. They don’t.

People like to blame the politicians. I blame the voters.


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