If Trump loses there will be no justice


Got your attention?

I’m about to lose it.

I’ve been wondering about this. Apparently it’s not a big deal.


I’m not sure if he is just saying this. I can’t be bothered to figure it out.


I’d not call that precedent. Might become one. Yes they do start somewhere. It’s not just a skirt to hide behind.

No not this either


If the democrats win 2016 and 2020 what happens?

Or if the republicans can’t block it?

This then causes the issue of democracy being officially in your face fucked. I have no idea how to explain this but really it would be.

So there you have it. If Trump doesn’t win there will be no justice and democracy will be officially in your face fucked. Not just like last year when the gays fucked it in the ass.

Has the gays being allowed to divorce issue been sorted?

Why can’t a man and a woman have a civil partnership?


A smaller court whether a result of a deliberate Congressional action to reduce its size or as a side effect of partisan obstruction would…?

My official stance on SCOTUS issues are here.

A Gay-Marriage Solution: End Marriage?

If you don’t want abortion don’t have one.


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