US anti migrant tsunami


This is not new or a surprise.

The first wave.

Last local elections (2014) ”Welcome Migrants” democrat governors where shunted from office. There are now only 18 Democratic Governors left across the US. Losing governorships in solid-democrat states like Massachusetts, Maryland and Illinois, Democrats ceded the Senate to Republicans, watched House Republicans pad an already robust majority and lost a historic number of state legislative chambers to the GOP.

A clear shift despite no major developments. Perhaps the democrats have been well welcoming the migrants under the covers. Possibly in an attempt to influence the next election which they have done but you know with Trump.

There was even a big thing of Governors saying they would not take Syrian refugees.

Complaints about migrants even on the left wing internet areas are now common.

Then Trump

Trump did not really take off until that guy killed his coworkers for making fun of his beard.

You want to blame anyone for Trump it should be him. Or you know the migrants yes it is their fault.

According to the Census which doesn’t document the undocumented.

African Americans are up 20,381,340 more and are now the second largest group in the US at 45,284,752

Spanish (Mexicans) are up 13,407,192 more and are now the fourth largest group in the US at 31,789,483

These groups have doubled over the last 10 years all the other groups are more or less the same. Now this could just be down to these two groups having more children. Though some of the Spanish (Mexicans) are probably new.

Compared to Europe the US has no idea what mass migration is like. No fucking idea. Europe has seen more migration last year then the US in the last 10 years.

There have always been migrants all across America. They worked they kept to themselves no one cared. It’s not like here where they hang out on oxford street you won’t find any migrants on 5th avenue. America hides its shit we put it in the center. If migrants were smart and stayed off the high street no one would know they were there. No one had a problem with migrants until their children grew up.

9 out 10 States where the population is shrinking are democrat controlled. Is this due to lack of jobs or migrants? (possibly both)

Almost all the job growth in the US is migrants. Perhaps more telling then anything.

If think the bigger question is why are so many migrating now?

Most migrants are recruited to go places by agencies and groups. The number who just show up is small.

Why is there more chaos as economies are recovering then when they were shit?

Are first generation migrants screwing multi generational migrants? Have multi generational migrants inbred to much?

Why are migrants leaving economies that are naturally growing 5%+ to go places that are only growing 1-2% from government spending?


Is things getting more expensive in their home countries the real issue?

Leaving ones country is not a normal thing to do. Less then 1% of the world does it. Most of them because their entire area has been blown up and they only move to neighboring countries.

London is basically a place unemployed migrants agree to work for each other and pay more in rent then their countries are worth.

It is not what Trump is saying it is how he is saying it.

Make Mexico pay for the wall.

There is a fence there now but there are some holes. I can’t remember a time there was no talk of this. They will tunnel under a wall.

Ban Muslims

The US is not taking any refugees from Syria. Very few from other places. You can’t walk or boat to America.

Same shit really.

Less then 1% of America is Muslim Europe is 6%

Canada will only take women and children.

Canada’s plan to accept refugees excludes single straight men

Biggest change to migration has already happened under Obama. With the dropping of normal every so many years mass amnesty.

America has always had strict migration rules. Criminals can’t even fly there. Obama has deported millions.

A lot of stuff that is so “controversial” and “wrong” here. Is official policy in most of the rest of the world.

I can’t remember a time American TV shows and movies have not been talking about this stuff.

The biggest complaint against Trump is that he is not politically correct. Would they prefer boring, focus-grouped talking points of a normal politician?

The left wing media is the biggest benefactor of Trumps campaign. More so if he gets elected. Obama killed off most of it. They love to hate Trump.

What the problem is

Well 20-30-40 years ago everyone was the same.

They all had the same amount of money. They all had the same homes. They acted the same way. They where all the same in every way.

Now no one is the same. Nothing is the same. Everyone is angry.

I live in England. I auto assume no one here speaks English. Will happen in America also.

Everyone has less money it’s doesn’t really matter how good the economy is what matters is how good peoples economic situation is.

This election much like all the others comes down to how many people are pro life.


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