The Catholic Spring


It’s more like very long summer. Now the defining issue of an American election. (Though not reported as such.)

The (left wing) Pope should not be intervening in poltics. This is radical shift.

Like Obama telling people how to vote in something that he should mind his own shit. It won’t go well. We might have burned down your house and spilled your tea. Your protestant religion lets us know you are still our bitch even if you forget sometimes or don’t like it.

Paul Ryan is gone the shackles are off.

Why won’t migrants assimutate?

Catholicism “is a religion for the poor,” “It is considered that the rich won’t go to heaven, and that it’s a good thing to help the poor. So there is a suspicion towards money and the ones who earn it.”

In France, talking about money is more taboo than talking about sex

“Farmers would not put money in the bank but would hide it away, in cash, somewhere in the house. They were very careful not to talk about it so that nobody would steal it. They needed to keep it for the following year, in case the crop went bad.”

This system encouraged a sort of superstition: The less you talk about money, the more likely you are to keep it.

To make people right wing they you make them smart. Smart people become rich.

To make people left wing you make them stupid. Stupid people are poor.


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