Is bringing a child into the UK morally wrong?


Having a child in London should be a crime. In the UK morally wrong in the future a crime.

I keep complaining about there not being any women.

Lets stay there was even one.

I would not want to be born into this place.

That’s now it’s going to be much worse 5-10-15 years down the line.

The shit is not going anywhere it has a council flat. It’s parents will let it live in the council flat as an adult. It won’t go home because it doesn’t know any better. Basically migrants come here to be inside a council flat. Why can’t we just buy them homes in their home country or somewhere cheaper?

Sub human white girls can’t even get migrants to go out with them. To be fair they behave worse then them. No normal human would live here by choice.

I don’t even know where humans are. Neither does anyone else. This is because there are not any.

I just want to go home. I don’t understand why everyone else doesn’t. Your cousins are not here. Please go be with your cousins for fucks sake don’t make any babies though.

Most of the children in London are tickets to benefits / slaves. They have a shit life then they birth someone else into worse then their shit.

These ingrades are going to make human life hell. But they are not going to bread.


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