Spain No Government, No Problem


Two Elections 288 days Spain still has no government

Brussels still has the record.

Growth is forecast to be 2.9 percent this year, almost twice the 1.6 percent eurozone average expected by the European Commission. Interest and energy rates are at historic lows.

Spaniards were hopeful for better government in December, after two new parties, for the first time, won a third of the seats in Parliament. That set off a political free-for-all because no single party has been able to muster a majority.

The two traditional parties — the conservative Popular Party and the Socialist Party — could have agreed on a new government, but they refused to talk to each other.

For now, things are fairly stable in part because Spain grants considerable powers to its 17 regional governments. They have continued to provide health care, education and other pillars of daily life.

“For a Spanish citizen, the most relevant government is the regional one,”

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