Why women cut off their hair?

This is a trend I use to see around the office. When women get divorced (Due to cheating which is the usual excuse) they would cut off their hair. What this basically is women decide they are done with men and they don’t want to attract them anymore they do that by cutting off their hair.

Married women cut off their hair because they don’t need it anymore. They will grow their daughters hair long so she can get a man. Woman over 30 will all have short hair either because they have a man or have failed at them. Long hair over 30 means never interested in relationships maybe same applies to those who never had long hair.

Want to know when your relationship is over? When a woman stops complaining because they don’t care anymore. When things are on the rocks…New hobby (Distraction) Starting to dress more in more revealing clothing. (Trying to get a new man) The point of being in a couple is not having to go out. Couples who go out should not be together. People are not capable of liking more then one person at a time. People do not hurt people they like.

I’m going to pick on Emma Watson (Stop reading / don’t tell her) as an example.

Long term relationship with UK college boyfriend. At that age. I’m assuming she wanted to get married and he did not. Bit strange is that not where long term relationships go? Other wise just a big waste of time and elimination of a lot of other options. Unless of course it was for another woman. She then cut off her hair. Probably hates men so much she wants to run then over with cars. Becomes a militant feminist though not like really offensive because that would upset her male fans. She should go native and move to Montreal.

Women with short hair will be easy. Not interested in relationships they have tried that and failed and now they are done with it. It’s the adult lesser version of the tramp stamp which was a originally a way to identify hookers that get bonked from behind. Tattoos are a kind of self scaring.

Being a whore is genetic. You can take a whore away from the cocks. You can’t take the cocks out of the whore.


Whores are inbred bitches. They know from growing up with no friends people don’t like them. Guys want to bang them so they do that until the guys get real girls. They lose their looks throw themselves at bored husbands (Easy target) Maybe just trying to ruin relationships out of envy.

There is never one person or one thing everything is an entire life circumstance. There are no bad decisions only bad options from which to choose. Some people can change their options. (I can not.)

The worst fait imaginable is divorced with children.

Hair life lessons from Homeland

I don’t know how the media manages to mastermind things like this.


In homeland the wife cuts off her hair after he shoots the deer (I’m done here) also to get rid of the other dude (Done with men). He immediately runs off and impregnates a long haired woman in the back of a car. The wife then continues to pretend her mind is different the top of her head. After both men are gone she grows the hair back.



If your wife has long hair she doesn’t love you. I’ve never seen a cross culture relationship work ever they only stay together if there is dependence. I’ve seen several lives destroyed by them with the lesser party being the issue.

Husband gets a shot at leading the CIA is recruiting the biggest asset in history of the agency and trying to prevent very real mass deaths. He is literally running around trying to save the country and she is just being a bitch and fuck everything up. Relationship aside she is literally trying to kill millions. Worst person in the show at least the terrorists have some kind of reason.



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