Ugly inbred English

Are actually Irish.


Try again.

We do I admit have some inbred farm girls and council chavs who we are breeding out. Probably some villagers also.

Posh accented girls are catholic ingrades =(. Some are cross Spanish or French. 20-30 years ago when there was no migrants (Much better options) a shity English catholic makes a baby with another shity catholic. This is/was/should be a protestant country. Being catholic level inbred on top of very limited catholic options. Once inbreeding starts it will become their nature. These lot only capable of liking their relatives and hating everyone else.

Females who can’t get anyone to date them because they are bitches. I can’t date anyone because all the females are bitches. These females primary motivation is bitchiness they will trade what ever as long as they can be bitchy.

London is inbred migrants who are more inbred then their inbred countries and getting much worse.

The home counties what London would be if there was no Germany.

There should be an English pocket somewhere between the south and the North. Kent and Essex are well Kent and Essex.

I really do think all the English women leave as soon as they are old enough.

I could find more English people in another country in a week then I have here in 5 years.

Europe compared to the US and Canada has a massive inbreeding problem that migrants are making worse.

If I was supreme dictator I’d move all the council shit to ghost towns in Spain. There would be war/genocide. Forced moving of young people into cities and I’d flood this bitch with people from China as they are the only ones with different DNA. 60% of this country lives in 20 miles from where they were born that is a problem.

No matter what the state of the economy we’d still be living in the same homes eating the same beans they would just be worth different meaningless amounts. Migrants are just making our already too small and crowded homes more so and everything else shit for that matter.


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