East Europe Emigrant Tide Erodes GDP

East Europe

Yeah I remember mentioning this like 4 years ago.

Losing workers to other countries has already cost 21 central and eastern Europe nations an average of about 7 percentage points of gross domestic product, according to the International Monetary Fund, which predicts a hit of as much as 9 percentage points over the next 14 years should current trends continue. It recommends the EU maintain funding to ease migration pressures, and that countries improve labor-market conditions and engage with their diaspora abroad.


Also worth noting these places have received billions in EU funding (That count to GDP more then once) that came from other places.


Plus money being sent/taken back home.

If you lived the same way you do in London at home you’d make the same amount of money in half the time. Hell at least their you can live with your parents which has to be better then strangers.

Ain’t nothing getting paid but the rent.


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