5 years in the UK

I find myself wanting to teach one of the foremost pillars of Britishness some manners.

Unsuccessfully trying to shame the international spokes person for women into being decent.

Having a really difficult time trying convince the country not to be pro-nazi for slavery/child abuse.

My fondest memories include squirrels and a dog jumping on me in the park. Petting a random cat.

I forget what women, humans and white people look like. I don’t think English people exist.

A good day for me is not having to see an inbred sub human which never happens no matter how hard I try to go places no one should be. If I could get rid of the noise I could wake up before they do. I not allowed to do almost everything because of these things.

The continuing search for a human woman delayed due to temperature adjustment not the NHS (again). I think they all leave once they are old enough.


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