Millennials burn 1/5th home price on rent


They complain about not being able to save for a deposit while burning 5 times that on rent.

Normal life and homes were built around a population of 50-60 million. For people to get married and move from thier parents home into thier new family home. The population is 30 million over that. People are not geting married and that is why they will NEVER be able to buy a home because they pissed all the money away on rent. Each person £53,000 on rent for a couple that is £106,000 more then 1/3 the cost of a home gone.

I blame women because it is thier faults. 20% of what should be married couples living in their own home is not.

Homes are not sized or built for singles and they should not be. Small homes where meant for old people who could no longer manage a big house not young people. Now the top of the normal house market is old ladies I don’t really know what they did to thier husbands. I don’t know what is going to happen when the market gets flooded with these homes as they pass away.

Home prices are what people can afford to pay for them. A couple on minimum wage should be able to afford a home.

My generation was not as bad despite a much more limited dating group (Less population) we burnt half that at £28,000 for a couple total of £56,000. 1/5 is much better then 1/3 though. Strange how much the way we live life can change in 5 years. (Twice as bad with more motivation and no excuse.)

People keep saying we need to build homes that won’t help. No one can afford them. In London they are asking for 50,000 homes a year all the massive towers going up everywhere won’t cover that. It is simply not possible to build that many homes that fast. Though you could right to buy several million council homes. We have brown field all over zone one. We have cheap new builds in east London which are not selling. No one lives here no one has any money. Our already smallest homes in the world are getting smaller. People can’t even afford cars.

Downsizing is also much harder if your kid won’t move the fuck out and buy to let landlords have taken the stock and blown up the price. Then you have tax increases the cost of the move and renovations.


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